It’s about the Consumer, Stupid!

There are a range of world class brand products that are hidden away behind the Tobacco Kiosk, forgotten and usually covered in dust. Simply securing these products is not enough, they need to be back on shelf so the Consumer can select them.

NEO ensures that Retailers can do that and the benefits for Brands keep growing.




Shoppers can browse and find

The NEO solution consists of two parts – the Selection Zone that displays the product for Shoppers to re-discover and the Collection Zone which is where it is redeemed after being paid for.


Brands can expand their ranges

In the past Retailers simply didn’t want to take on high theft stock and would rather not carry the product than deal with the risk. NEO offers a secure platform for both Brands and Retailers to provide an expanded range of products


It’s easy to use

Shoppers simply Select, Pay (when checking out) and Collect the item en route to the exit. In some stores the Packer will collect the item, while other stores are happy that Consumers redeem the item themselves.


Data available in real time

NEO has a Server based super manager called iBlue that is updated every 2 minutes. That means that one can track sales or stock online with only a 2 minute delay!