Make the Tobacco Kiosk more profitable

Designed to sell Tobacco, the Kiosk is now the dumping zone for any product that is considered high risk and likely to be stolen. Think Shaving Blades, Batteries, Pharmaceutical and Sexual Health products. And, as Consumers don’t know that those specific products have been moved there, they don’t select them, so sales plummet.

NEO re-invents the Kiosk Zone and the way to sell those high risk products, making it arguably the most profitable section of the store.




Upgrade the Kiosk

By simply switching to NEO, the entire Kiosk is upgraded as you move from open shelves to secured stock with an automated system. It’s easy to use, requires less staff, less equipment and you can evolve the Kiosk to a self service zone in stages.


The most profitable zone in store

The Kiosk currently sells low margin Tobacco and a few other high risk products. As a stand-alone business you wouldn’t buy it. NEO gets high margin products back in front of Consumers, rather than have your Shoppers leave the store to find these items.


Increase margin & instant stock on hand

A secured platform enables you to make the gross margin on every product and the automated precision ensures that you know what stock you have on hand at any time. It helps that NEO sets up the most ideal order at the touch of a button.


Expand your ranges

Consumers go to other stores to purchase products that they cannot find in your store. Now you can carry a wider range of high margin products and make those sales, concurrently deepening the Customer relationship.