A new approach to an old Problem

NEO re-invents the traditional Kiosk, offering Shoppers an ability to browse premium high risk products, pay for it at the Check Out and then collect the item on the way to the door. Given the space pressures of stores, this offers a secure way to expand the store product range while ensuring that Consumers can complete their shopping list at one store.



The Current Problem

Kiosks have open shelves carrying cigarettes and all manner of high theft products taken off the shelves for safe keeping. Typically not well merchandised and often without sufficient stock, queuing at the Kiosk often puts Consumers off, as they are not able to select products themselves. As some of these products are often personal choices, think condoms or more expensive face and neck crèmes, Shoppers simply don’t purchase from that Kiosk.



The NEO Solution

NEO provides a secured Selection zone in the shopping area, allowing Shoppers to browse the products. The Selection screen on which they make their choices only offers products if they are in stock.

Once paid for, the products can be collected at the Collection Zone. Some stores simply install the dispensers behind their current Kiosk counter, while others want to use this as an opportunity to reduce the Kiosk counter and allow Consumers to redeem products themselves.



The Result: The Consumer, the Store and the Brand all win

NEO changes how Retailers deal with products previously considered to be premium, but high risk. Now Consumers can purchase these items and brands can engage the Consumers while they are selecting the product. So Consumers get the product, while the store and brand both make the sale.

It’s about getting the brands into Consumer’s hand

NEO lets Shoppers help themselves and purchase a range of products not previously available in the store. Expanding the range of higher margin products safely increases the basket spend in your store. As NEO also secures the product, it offers a full margin transaction.

The depressed economy and less than previous basket spend must be managed with a Precision Retailers approach. It really is the only way to increase sales and margin.