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Just rent it!


Let the solution generated value and supplier contributions pay for the rental.

All solutions offered by Quattro can now be rented – no need to commit to Capital Expenditure. And why would you want to? Especially if the monthly value generated, in increased sales and GP pays for the rental.

Before Quattro could facilitate this sort of financial arrangement for our clients they had to commit to a Capex purchasing of the dispensers. As the major of the benefit is the stock management process and intelligence, Retailers were buying a box.

Rentals are widely used to purchase usage of technology products – you don’t want to own something that you want to regularly upgrade – especially a retail type solution. A variety of other solutions, including Credit Card Swipe machines, Cash Guard and CCTV monitoring services are now available through rental.

Smart Retailing is about increasing margins – Quattro does this and increases sales, ensuring the rental is well covered.